A unique dining experience

The best of Dégustation dining with personalised ambience in your own home.

Dégustation & Private Chef is all about bringing fresh innovative food to your next event or dinner party, as food of such a high standard should be enjoyed in all areas of dining and entertaining. A unique dining experience will be created in your home, based on vast restaurant knowledge, global awareness and memories of family, friends and fun around the dining table. Each course emanates from years in high pressured kitchens, patience in the heat of culinary competitions and the culmination of well-travelled knowledge.

Imagine ... refined luxury, which may include perfectly paired wine to handcrafted ceramic plate and modern unique table styling ... your choice, our influence.

A personal dining experience from start to finish. You choose the number of courses and we do the rest, using the best quality produce and premium products. We also do not shy from luxury - using ingredients, produce and grades that will blow you and your guests away. We will then set up your kitchen for service cook, serve and clean.